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Experience the unique and majestic mountains of east Greenland by air


In close cooperation with professionel guides, the skiing is in the surroundings of Tasiilaq and Kulusuk. The heliski product is from mid april - mid may where hotels in Kulusuk and Kulusuk is used.

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East Greenland helicopter charter. If special transportation needed, special tours, gear moving etc. Call or email us on below, we will calculate the price for you. Mobile no.:   +299 54 75 74 email.: tim@nicolaisen.com

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A must for the explorer to one of the greatest glaciers of Greenland. This 200 km long almost 6 km wide glacier is one the most active in generating icebergs from the greenland ice sheet. A YouTube video from Swansea University shows an incredible breakoff, which was 4 km long, and more than 100 meters high. The Helheim moves 30 metres a day. See one of the largest and most active glaciers in the world. Watch video to be impressed over the forces…

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This sightseeing flight by helicopter takes us up over Ammassalik Island with views across mountains, glaciers and fjords and lands us at over 1000 metres altitude on Mitivagkat Glaciers, an original part and the ancient Greenland Ice Cap. A stunning view all around, with the Sermilik fjord below us and the mainland opposite. The purity of the arctic air greatly increases visibility such that we can see in excess of 200 kilometres along the coast. 20 min stop to take…

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Johan Petersen Fjord

Taking off from Tasiilaq airport, heading towards Johan Petersens fjord. Flying past the majestic mountains of east Greenland,we enter the vast Sermilik fjord with its stunning icebergs and flows of pack ice. We land near this magnificent Glacier on the mainland of Greenland, the wall of the Glacier is a truly a sight to remember.

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